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It’s all about “YOU”!

Imagine you’re writing a letter to a big company whose business you want to win:

“Dear Prospect,

I’m glad we had the chance to meet and discuss our widget program. We have a lot to offer and are excited about the possibilities ahead…”

[Cue screeching tyres] Whoa!

Who is this letter to? [Hint: the prospect.] Yet who is it about? YOU, not them.

The first step to influencing readers is to make your message all about THEM. Why? Because most of us are very interested in…us!

Remedy: use the word “you” a lot.

The American researcher Dr Rudolph Flesch (no relation to Hannibal Lecter) found people are more likely to read writing if it contains two or three times more instances of “you” (and “your,” “yours,” etc, and the reader’s name), than references to the writer (“me,” “I,” “our,” “we,” etc, and the writer’s name).

Focus on your reader and what’s important to them and you’ll grow the relationship, and with it your business.

Do you agree? When do you think you shouldn’t use “you”? Please share your wisdom below…