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Creating a ‘blended learning’ event for your small team

Most of what we do is run in-house, tailored training for enterprise teams of around 15-20 people per session. Not everyone has a team that big so we wanted to make sure you had an option that was just as good! 

This. Is. It.

This format uses our self-paced video courses and is:

  • Highly engaging
  • Suited to a team of any size, especially smaller teams
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy for any leader or team member to facilitate and organise.
1. Talk to us. We’ll set you up for success.

To make it simple, we’ll set you up with a group link so everyone can sign up for the course in one go and skip the paywall. That way they can focus on their learning, and we can sort payment separately. Contact us at to start.

2. Set a schedule. Invite your team.

Great learning is social and accountable. This gives you both.

Decide when you’d like your team to start and finish the course. We suggest three weeks minimum and six weeks maximum. 

Each course has three modules and takes 5-6 hours all up. That means you should schedule at least 3 x 2-hour meetings with your team to watch the training videos together and discuss the ideas the learning sparks. But if you schedule 3 x 3-hour meetings, you’ll have ample time to do the course and workshop things as a team. The best training results in an action list – things you’re inspired to implement.

If your team is all in one location and working from the office, book a training room for these meetings. If everyone is working virtually, set up an MS Teams, or similar, meeting for the three sessions. You can screenshare the video content OR simply watch the videos separately but at the same time. The main aim is to do it TOGETHER.

3. Make it an event. And a fun one at that!

If you can meet in-person, simple catering will bring your team together and set the tone (coffee & croissants, deluxe teas & donuts, sushi & jasmine tea … you get the idea). You could ask different team members to host and facilitate each of the three sessions. The host would create a theme, make it happen and facilitate the conversations in-between the videos.

4. Make good use of your time together

At the end of each session, you want to have captured any ideas the team generated and work out who’s actioning what. The course is a great chance to bring everyone together to get inspired but 100% better when you turn that inspiration into ACTION afterwards.

5. Book a free refresher

You get ongoing access to the videos, so why not bring the team together again a few months later to refresh and revise? Book it in right from the start!

This format will work for any of our online courses. 

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