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From the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak globally our first concern has always been for the health and well-being of your people and ours. That won’t change.

The experts consider this next period (6-18 months) as one of ‘prolonged disruption’. We’re past the ‘acute uncertainty’ that had everyone running on adrenaline and making it work. This next stage, in many ways, is our true test of character as individuals and businesses. Truth is, we may not land on the ‘new normal’ for a while yet. So how do you help your people continue to grow, develop and evolve their skills while their world keeps shifting? The only certain answer right now is keep trying. Even when budgets are tighter, pressures more intense and timelines keep moving. Just keep trying to do what you can for your people at every turn.


After some 15 years in business we’ve learnt to roll with the challenges and opportunities that come with rapid change. When the world gives you lemons you don’t just make lemonade but the burger and fries too. Why not make a meal of it?!

We have a range of learning formats to help your people develop the communication skills that are needed more than ever.

to keep momentum and help your people adapt their skills:

  1. Virtual training: Dynamic, interactive training via Zoom for groups of up to 18 people. All of our courses can be delivered in this format. Long before Covid we’d spent years developing our skills in virtual delivery. The shift in skill is akin to a stage actor moving into film acting. They aren’t the same thing! But when done well, virtual training is fantastic and a brilliant way to keep your teams connected, inspired and learning.
  2. Self-paced learning: When you’re juggling split workforces, unusual work hours and unexpected responsibilities this can be a brilliant option. People can learn on their own schedule yet feel fully supported in their learning journey.
  3. Credosity software: Perfect for when people need feedback on their business-writing but everyone’s a little stretched. It’s a (free) online tool that will give your people instant feedback, spot any bad habits and coach them towards clear and concise business writing. 

Stay committed.

Magic happens when your team comes together to learn from a specialist (us) and each other (their colleagues). Through good times and bad, human connection is the key – whether that’s in-person or via video conference.

And if you’re truly struggling to find sustainable ways to keep the learning alive for your people, let’s talk. We already have a wide range of free learning tools to help and will do what we can if you need something different. It’s a great time to look after each other right now.

Learn more about our online & virtual training options:

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