Individual Coaching

Personalised feedback on your communication

Our goal

Improve your writing with personalised feedback.

Why coaching?

One-on-one coaching quickly pinpoints what you’re doing right and what you could do better. It’s a fast and focused way to get you writing more confidently and successfully.

What you get

In each session you’ll receive the following:

  • Detailed analysis of one of your writing samples
  • Unlimited access for you to our online ‘coach’:
  • Clear understanding of your key writing challenges from a professional copywriter
  • Ideas and content you can use immediately
  • Confidence you’re already doing some things well

How it works

Coaching sessions last about 45 minutes. They require some ‘homework’ and preparation from both you and your coach between sessions. At least three sessions are usually needed to change your skills, attitude and knowledge to significantly improve your writing. This also lets us give you ongoing feedback as well as review your writing samples between sessions.


1. Before your first session, we’ll ask you to complete a five-minute online 
“Needs Assessment” questionnaire, to help us understand your current skill levels and challenge areas.

2. We’ll also ask you to submit at least one writing sample for assessment before each coaching session.


3. For convenience and flexibility, coaching sessions are typically done over the phone/Skype.

4. We’ll give you constructive feedback at each coaching session, then agree on
follow-up actions (homework!).


5. After each session we’ll ask you to apply what you learned, by either rewriting and resubmitting your writing sample before the next session, or by submitting a new one.


Sessions are tailored to your key challenge areas. The notes we use will be derived from our writing masterclass materials and elsewhere.

Your investment?

$375 + GST per session, OR $990 + GST for three sessions (= $330 + GST per session)

Satisfaction guaranteed

Every session is guaranteed. You’ll either love it or we’ll fix it!

Ready to write better?

If you’re serious about improving your writing, please contact us to discuss next steps.

We look forward to working with you!