Online: Virtual training

Training for global or dispersed teams

Online: Live, virtual training

When virtual writing training beats face-to-face sessions:

  • Social distancing rules make this the most viable option to keep your workforce engaged and learning
  • Your team is spread over several locations and you want them to experience the training together, but avoid travel costs
  • You have a large customer-facing team that can only be away from their roles for short periods of time and the learning schedule needs to work around this i.e. Having them all out of the office on the same day isn’t an option!
  • You like the interactivity that virtual training can offer (trust us, many trainees prefer it to in-person training!)

Seriously engaging virtual training in business writing and communication

You’d be surprised how effective a live, online virtual writing course can be in the hands of our skilled facilitators. Unlike an in-person class, our online trainers can:

  • make live edits in participants’ documents through screen sharing, which all trainees can watch,
  • share links to resources through electronic ‘chat,’
  • conduct polls, quizzes and tests to check and embed learning,
  • put participants in virtual ‘breakout rooms’ so they can work through scenarios in a smaller group environment,
  • ask questions and see responses through raised ‘hands’ and ‘chat’ responses, and
  • see and talk directly to participants via webcam.

Participants can also interact with each other in the virtual class, simply by talking via their headset, or through electronic ‘chat.’

As with all our courses, trainees receive detailed feedback and analysis from our powerful writing coach, Credosity, on everything they write, and a 100+ page, full-colour course manual – a valuable post-course reference and study tool.

NOTE: We can deliver any of our courses in a virtual format. See our course outlines.

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