About us

Our story & people

Our story

Since 2005, we’ve run training programs to help enterprise employees write clearly, concisely and in a way that drives action. Before that we were working copywriters. We intimately know the pain of poor communication and the hand-brake it can cause in business.

There’s a direct link between quality communication and productivity. Don’t believe me? Read the study.

Most of our clients are large enterprises – yet in a range of industries (e.g. finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, professional services, engineering, technology, urban development). Here’s who we help.

In late 2014 we launched Credosity for Microsoft Word and Outlook – a real-time editor to keep the learning alive and measure the behavioural change across time. Then we launched Credosity Online to help those of you who can’t install software at work. Both tools help our trainees ‘back at the desk’ and lets us share our knowledge wherever you are in the world. More about both.

How did we come up with the name Magneto? No, it’s nothing to do with Marvel’s X-men of the same name. A magneto is a small electric generator with a magnet in it. It gives the current for ignition systems in a range of engines. It’s what ‘lights the spark’. And that’s what we also wanted to do: light the spark of learning that’ll make you a great communicator. The type that makes a positive contribution at work and home.

Our vision

​To boost global efficiency by simplifying the world’s business communication.

Our mission

Reduce the time it takes for enterprise employees to create clear, concise, engaging and persuasive communication.

Our Team

Paul Jones

Co-founder, Director – Communications

For the past 18 years, Paul’s principles and frameworks have helped blue-chip CXO teams through to graduates change how they write, think and lead at work. He’s a keynote speaker and corporate communications expert who’s passionate about the intersection of psychology, behavioural change and communication. A copywriter by trade, Paul co-founded Magneto Communications (www.magneto.net.au) in 2005 with Petrina. Magneto has grown to be the leading enterprise offering in Australia. Paul inhales books at every chance, loves fitness hacks and is a closet Rocky Horror fan.

Jon Maxim

Communications Evangelist | Trainer

Jon is an award-winning copywriter and highly experienced facilitator. For 30 years, he’s helped thousands of clients in the UK and Asia Pacific—from huge global corporates to tiny boutique brands—develop compelling messages. As well as running workshops with Magneto, Jon runs advanced copywriting and marketing courses for the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA), New Zealand Marketing Association, Australia Post, and more. His teaching style is fun, yet informative. Engaging, yet practical. A walking Wikipedia of comms knowledge, Jon is a master at sharing insider tricks to getting your message heard.

Neryl East

Communications Evangelist | Trainer

Neryl’s extensive communications career has seen her writing and presenting TV and radio news, helping leaders convey clear messages, authoring books and even announcing at the Olympics. She has a PhD in Journalism, and her book on media and reputation, The Headline Edge, hit number one on Amazon in three countries. Neryl is also a Certified Speaking Professional – an international designation awarded to only a small percentage of professional speakers. With such deep experience, her interactive masterclasses are compelling. They’re filled with real-world stories and examples that empower people to apply the learning back at work.

Petrina Buckley

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Petrina has over 20 years experience in business development, project management and marketing in creative and commercial industries. Her expertise is in helping subject-matter experts transform their thinking into rich learning opportunities – the type that add deep value in an organisation. Before co-founding Credosity, Petrina partnered with Paul (the guy on the right) in 2005 to launch Magneto Communications (www.magneto.net.au). Fave things? Ocean swims, exquisite stationery, quirky comedy and dark, dark chocolate.

Emma Hall

Client Success Lead

Emma’s diverse background in corporate communication, business development, marketing, project management and client success means she gets that the little things are what make the big thing. She’ll be the curious one wanting to know how we can help you measure and manage the behavioural change we’re creating together. In-between caring for the Credosity community and chasing her two energetic rascals, Emma’s completing a Bachelor of Media and Communication with a Major in Public Relations at Swinburne. Spare time? Filling it with cheesy aerobics, friends, reading and yoga. A Perth girl in Melbourne. She did it for the coffee.

Heather Woods

Training Events & Experience

Heather’s a digital connoisseur with over a decade in digital-media publishing, client service and business development for yahoo!, Ingram and Epson. She keeps things humming for us and our clients. If there’s a simpler, better way to do something, she’ll find it. (We call her ‘Heath-aaah’.) Client success is her mission; she won’t rest until everyone is beaming. She’s mum to two small tornadoes (lucky she’s uber-organised), is a copywriter who contributes to several blogs, and lives blissfully in NZ. Obsessions: lux travelling, lush food and live music (rock ‘n’ roll, baby!).

Nick Hodge

Technical Lead

Nick’s a rare koala: A software industry professional (20 years) with practical sales-management experience. He’s a recognised and respected member of the developer community in Australia. Nick’s depth and breadth of skill across both technical and business means he understands how to blend systems architecture with an exceptional user experience. He loves to build, and it shows. He previously held the coveted title of Professional Geek at Microsoft. Also: Adobe Systems, Apple.

Virginia Edwards

Marketing, Design & Comms

Virginia (‘VV’) is our little piece of exceptional. She’s a consummate all-rounder focused on Client Success (whatever it takes). Virginia has a broad background in publishing, education, design and product development. She’s also a mum to three cool munchkins. Her talent? Making the extraordinary happen online and in real life for the Credosity crowd. VV is a self-confessed tech geek and famous in these parts for brilliant design thinking and an eye for beauty. Thanks to a shared passion for quality, personal growth, humour and good, strong coffee, we’re having a grand time helping you #writeyourfuture

Our big WHY: Raising the global literacy rate

In Australia, only one in five children in remote indigenous communities can read at a minimum standard. When you use Credosity, you’re part of our dream to raise the literacy rate by supporting the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) in Australia.

Globally: If all students in low-income countries left primary school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty – the equivalent of a 12% drop in world poverty.

Here’s more about the problem we need to solve together. Once equipped with the power of reading, children have greater opportunities, become life-long learners, and realise their full potential. Sound like a better world to you? It does to us.