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Communication training with measurable change


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Our clients say

'Training was insightful, relevant, practical and enjoyable.'
Head of Policy and Reporting
NAB Group Risk
'I wish I knew this stuff when I started my career 20 years ago! A lot of people struggle with business and board writing. Thanks for generously sharing your knowledge.'
General Manager, Group Safety
Woolworths Group
'Your tips and advice, and I used them all, made my last report 1000% easier to write. Best of all, our client loved it, saying it was very well written, very readable, well presented, and logical.'
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Why Magneto?

Personalised learning

One size does not fit all. Whether your people deep-dive our learning or dip in their toes, we tailor every course to your needs. Our pre-course preparation covers management and attendee goals for the training. Plus, in-depth analysis of attendees’ writing samples.

Unique, measurable behaviour change

Our powerful enterprise-grade software—Credosity—is central to your learning experience. It creates lasting behavioural change back at the desk, and measures improvement over time.

Unexpected thinking

We’re known for our unexpected approach to comms training. You’ll learn principles from diverse fields like journalism, digital marketing, advertising, behavioural economics, emotional intelligence, sales, psychology and sociology. And we make it stick with our highly engaging delivery (cue ‘edutainment’).

Enterprise experience & depth

For 20 years we’ve been laser focused on large enterprise. We know what works (and doesn’t) for all staff levels, from CXOs to graduates.

Avoid the huge cost of poor communication

Ditch inefficiency

FedEx saved $400,000 per year by rewriting operations manuals to make finding information 80% faster.

Avoid disaster

‘… a history of miscommunication’ was one of the root causes of the 1986 Challenger disaster.

Save projects

The world’s biggest project-management association, PMI, found poor communication kills half of all failed projects.

Dodge blunders

An oil company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a new pesticide. Then they realised one of their techs had worked it out five years earlier. But his report was written so badly no-one finished reading it.

Save millions

The U.S. Navy found it could save $27 to $37 million a year in officer time with more readable business memos. Officers read the revised memos in 17 to 27% less time.

Keep customers

Computer manufacturer Coleco lost $35 million in a single quarter – and eventually went bust – when customers bought its new Adam computer, couldn’t follow the instruction manuals, and returned their computers.

Top 5 reasons your people need communication training

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