Resources to help you write, think & lead at work

Can you beat the house?

Try your luck at the world's only grammar-poker game. Highest score is $204,800. Can you get there?
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Tame the EMAIL beast

Research-proven keys to writing emails that dodge the delete key and get action. Includes tips on getting control of your chaotic inbox.

10 Commandments of Business Writing

The rules to rule them all when your fingers hit the keyboard.
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How to save your business from bad writing

Is bad writing drowning your business? Here's your rescue team.

101 Writing Tips

We asked hundreds people for their best writing tip. This is a summary of the 101 golden ones.
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The 4 Habits of Highly Effective Writers

Do these four consistently and the words are your oyster.
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Framework for influential communication

Our heart-head-cred approach to influential communciation.
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Brevity: How to cut it at work

Get to the point and stay on topic. Remove the fluff. Here's how.
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Founder finder

Starting a business or moving to freelance? Think deeply about these qualities and what matters most to you.
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Writing resumes for results

Tips for a resume that makes a good first-impression - and lands you the interview.
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