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Get consistently high-quality, effective business writing. Clear, concise, easy-to-action.

Get action faster, change opinion or strategically sell ideas to internal and external clients.

Build trust and engage stakeholders in writing and in person.

Confidently present and pitch your ideas, content and insights.

Write clear, concise, readable and actionable papers for your board or leadership team.

We’d love to talk to you more about our tailored, in-house writing training. 

In-house training: How does it work?

Since 2005, we've trained over 12,000 people, face-to-face, in the Magneto Method.

We’re based in Sydney, Australia, but run in-house, in-person training sessions across the Asia-Pacific. We come to you and deliver the session at your office.

Have a global or dispersed team? Explore our live, online sessions, self-paced learning or Credosity software.

Magic happens when humans are in a room together; engaged, learning and inspired. Face-to-face, in-person learning from a specialist is a timeless model for learning.

Our in-house masterclasses are one-day intensives (9am to 5pm) but the learning doesn’t start or end there. Credosity supports the learning process ‘back at the desk’ and measures the behavioural change. 

For personal attention, in-house groups are for 14 people.

We tailor the learning to your objectives, the trainees and your style guide. The individuals receive detailed feedback and analysis on their writing from our enterprise writing coach, Credosity. For in-house training, they also receive a detailed, full-colour course manual – a valuable post-course reference and study tool – and unlimited inspiration and resources.

Why our training works

Deep experience: Our writing trainers are working copywriters (people who write for a living). There’s no business-writing challenge they haven’t stared down the barrel of and overcome. And they’re passionate about sharing that knowledge.

Multidisciplinary: Quality business writing demands a broad skillset. Our principles stem from a range of fields, including:

  • copywriting
  • advertising
  • sociology
  • psychology
  • emotional intelligence
  • behavioural economics
  • persuasion
  • influence
  • sales
  • marketing 
  • leadership.
Training Doodle

We don’t just teach you where to put an apostrophe – we train you to think holistically, about your reader, objective, strategy and more.

Engagement: We’ve taken a potentially snore-worthy topic and flipped it into an entertaining and generous experience. Not a cardigan in sight. You’ll learn that great writing is less about writing and more about psychology. And your course has lashings of that, including best-practice educational psychology to keep you engaged and make your learning ‘stick.’ 

Come prepared for a variety of learning strategies, including stories, games (try this one for starters), humour and even gourmet jelly beans

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