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Credosity OnlineTeamBusiness Enterprise
UsersUnlimitedUp to 20Up to 60Unlimited
Unlimited, personalised analysis and feedback on your documents and plain text in this ‘lite’ browser-based version.---
PDF summary report of key issues. Perfect if you’re coaching others on what they can improve.---
Download a version with marked-up comments on key issues. This automates the feedback loop if you’re coaching others OR speeds up your own editing process.---
Unlimited, personalised analysis and feedback on your Microsoft Word documents and Outlook emails.-
On-premise Office add-in-
Self-install and enterprise deployment options available.-
Business-Leader portal to track your team’s use and how they’re improving.-
Deployment & Security Guide to assist rollout and prove document confidentiality.-
Inclusions listed below-
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Subscriptions include:

Enterprise-grade security

Built on Microsoft Azure. All analysis is done locally on your computer. Your documents and emails stay confidential.


Your company dashboard shows your people improving over time. And their Cred Scores motivate them to consistently do great work.

No training needed

You’ll pick up Credosity instantly. It’s simple and intuitive.

Personal coach 24/7

Personalised analysis and instant feedback on your writing in Microsoft Word and Outlook. Become a better writer the more you use it.

Built by pro writers

Credosity is based on 15 years corporate comms experience. In analysing 10,000 corporate writing samples, we saw the same issues repeatedly. Now Credosity fixes them!

Deep learning

Unlimited access to 100s of smart tips for clear, concise, engaging communication.

Focus on your ‘worst first’

Credosity’s unique design helps you laser in on the big issues first.

Advanced detectors

Advanced detectors including plain English, diversity & inclusion, active voice, brevity, layout & more.

Smart editing features

Credosity interacts with your text. You can instantly make the suggested edits.

On a Mac? Can’t install the software at work?
Try Credosity Online.

Get your free writing report now. Upload a Microsoft Word (.docx) or plain text (.txt) file for instant feedback on your business writing. Get a summary report OR a version with marked-up editor comments.

Frequently Asked Questions


Credosity is secure — your writing isn’t shared with or viewed by anyone (computer or human). Our clients are enterprises. Almost everything they write is considered sensitive or confidential. That’s why all processing is done locally on your computer. The statistics we capture are based on your performance only (e.g. number of documents/emails you’ve reviewed, how often you use Credosity), and never record or capture the actual content of your document or email.

You can request our Security Guide and Policy for a detailed outline of how Credosity works and why it’s secure:

If it’s just you we’d suggest Credosity Online is ideal. It’s free and will analyse your text and give instant feedback. Credosity for Microsoft Word and Outlook is better suited to enterprise teams. It’s designed to help business leaders get everyone ‘on the same page’ and consistently lift the quality of workplace writing.

Credosity requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later and Tools for Office Run-time. Find out more about the system requirements and prerequisites here. Credosity plays nicely with Microsoft Word and Outlook 2010 and above.numquam, error, est. Ea, consequatur.

Well that’s a bit of magic right there.

Credosity for Microsoft Word and Outlook installs into both in one go. Restart Word and Outlook and there she is – ready to help you. Your IT team will often do the install for you in a large enterprise environment.

If you’d like to see security and deployment guides before you start your testing period or trial, just ask:

Yes! Credosity for Microsoft Word and Outlook installs into both at the same time. All subscriptions give you unlimited editing in both.

Credosity Online is free and will give you unlimited editing feedback on your written work (including uni assignments, your C.V. and fundraising letters!). If the budget is tight it doesn’t get better than free.

Credosity Online will work with any computer and modern browser.

Credosity for Microsoft Word and Outlook only runs on Windows computers. To get Windows going on your Mac, you could try BootCampVM Ware or Parallels. Many of us are on Mac and it works a treat once you get Windows going.

Sure can. It’s a free world, right?

Our ‘Love me or Leave me’ guarantee is this: If you want to cancel, we’d simply love to know why and what it would take to get you back. If you cancel your subscription, we’ll ask a few simple questions that will help us understand what you want more of/less of so we can get to work and win you back sometime soon.

Credosity Online will work on your mobile.

Credosity for Microsoft Word and Outlook is designed for enterprise writers working on a desktop or laptop computer. Credosity will work on a Surface Pro, but not on a Surface or iPad just yet. Our main priority currently is to optimise your experience when you’re at your desk at work. But we know that ‘the desk’ is everywhere and will keep you posted on new releases.

No. You won’t need to enter your credit card or pay to start your free trial or enterprise testing period.

Credosity will work with:

  • all desktop versions (including O365 subscriptions) of Microsoft Word and Outlook (2010 – 2016).
  • Windows 7, 8, 10. Internet Explorer 8.0 and above.

Credosity won’t yet work with:

  • Word or Outlook online
  • Word or Outlook Mobile
  • Word for MacOS, iOS or Android platforms.

If you’re on any of those you can use Credosity Online (unlimited and free).


Credosity is simple and intuitive. It takes most people around 45 seconds to work out how to use it and start getting value. Each new user receives a range of onboarding emails and videos that explains how to maximise their results. We work closely with business leaders to help them monitor usage and performance via the individual company dashboard at

Credosity is designed to make sure you hit the ground running. You’ll instantly see improvement in the quality of written communication the business produces.

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