Business-writing software

Measurable change

Instant feedback on your business-writing blindspots

Measure and improve your writing at work. Get everyone ‘on the same page’. 

What makes it the trusted enterprise writing tool?

Enterprise-grade security & confidentiality

Built on Microsoft Azure. Your documents and text are NOT stored to disk or retained to disk. No human can read, or see, your writing at any stage.


The unique 'Cred' score on a scale of 1-100 motivates you to consistently do great work. 90% is the target. Technical writers will do well to reach 70%!

No training needed

You’ll pick up Credosity instantly. It’s simple and intuitive.

Personal coach 24/7

Personalised analysis and instant feedback on your business writing. Become a better writer the more you use it.

Built by pro writers

Credosity is based on 20+ years' corporate comms experience, analysing >11,000 corporate writing samples. We saw the same issues repeated.

Deep learning

Unlimited access to 100s of smart tips for clear, concise, engaging communication.

Focus on your ‘worst first’

Credosity’s unique design helps you laser in on the big issues first.

Advanced detectors

Advanced detectors including plain English, diversity & inclusion, active voice, brevity, layout & more.

Smart editing features

The Credosity 'Detailed review' gives you nitty gritty feedback on what you can fix.

Frequently Asked Questions


All text analysis is processed within the memory of the Credosity SaaS (on Microsoft Azure Australian servers). We send performance statistics, not written content, securely via SSL to our Microsoft Azure servers via a HTTPS connection. The document and text is discarded from secure server memory once the session has ended (i.e. it not stored to disk or retained to disk).  At no stage can a human see, collect, read or keep the document or text.

You can request our Security Guide and Policy for a detailed outline of how Credosity Online works and why it’s secure:

A modern web browser:

  • Internet Explorer 11, or above
  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Unsure how to check your browser settings? Try this cool tool. It’ll work on mobile too. But it’s really designed as a desktop experience at work.

Microsoft finished support on IE 10 and under from 2016 so it’s not feasible (or wise) for us to make Credosity compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer. It will run with IE11 and above, as future updates are released.

If you’re running an old version of IE, try Chrome instead.

Credosity is designed to help business leaders get everyone ‘on the same page’ and consistently lift the quality of workplace writing. It works best when the whole enterprise (rather than individuals or teams in silos) are holding themselves to the same standard. Credosity sets the standard. 

Individual users do not need a subscription. 

No. You don’t need to log in or log out.

If you log out Credosity will ‘forget’ you and you’ll need to re-enter your email next time you use it. 

Microsoft Word has a range of viewing options under the ‘Review > Tracking > Reviewing Pane’ panel so you can see the marked-up comments. Play with the options until you find your favourite. Once you’ve done a Detailed Review at the document should open with the comments showing. If not, be sure that the ‘Review > Show Markup’ is ticked in Microsoft Word.

Credosity Online is free and will give you unlimited editing feedback on your written work (including uni assignments, your C.V. and fundraising letters!). If the budget is tight it doesn’t get better than free.

Yes. Credosity Online will work on any computer with a modern browser. 

Yes. Credosity Online will work on your mobile if you’re out and about on the fly.

But it’s definitely designed to be a desktop tool you’d use at work to get feedback on important business documents or text.

No. You won’t need to enter your credit card details to use Credosity Online.

You don’t even need to create an account. Just upload your work for instant analysis and feedback. 

Credosity is simple and intuitive. It takes most people around 30 seconds to work out how to use it and start getting value.

Credosity is designed to make sure you hit the ground running. You’ll instantly see improvement in the quality of written communication the business produces and awareness of blind spots. 

We’d love it if you can email us a copy so we can use it to troubleshoot. There are SO many variables in documents. Things like lots of tables, formulas and odd formatting are hard for the engine to analyse.

Plus, there’s a ‘Feedback‘ tab on the top navigation you can use to lodge ideas on what does or doesn’t work for you. 

In early 2014 we created Credosity for Microsoft Office (Word and Outlook). On 30 September 2018 we wound down the installed software and shifted our focus 100% online. Here’s the official announcement including the longer story of why we did it. If you’d like to get sentimental with us you can see how it worked in this short video. 

Here’s a simple habit you can try with the team if clear, concise writing matters to you. Ask the team this one: ‘Please don’t send your writing to a client or for internal review until you’ve first used Credosity.’

A Cred score of 90% is the ultimate goal but I’d start with a goal of consistently hitting 70% and aim 5% higher each 4-6 weeks as the average across the team lifts.

This simple habit gets everyone focused, learning and thinking – which is how positive change happens!

A great read if you’re interested in the topic is ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg. He talks about ‘cue – routine – reward’. For a runner, the cue would be to put your shoes out the night before, the routine is to go for a morning run and the reward to have a coffee after your run (although we both know that the reward ends up being feeling good and having a better day!). The cue and reward build the habit (the routine). Once you have the habit everything else takes care of itself.

For a writer, the cue is to use Credosity before you send your written work to someone else (client or internal). The routine is to use Credosity. The reward is a higher Cred score. Set a target with the team and celebrate when you hit it with something they enjoy.


summary reports

$ 0 Per analysis
  • Personalised analysis, and feedback on, your documents and text
  • PDF summary report of key issues.
  • Perfect if you’re coaching others on what they can improve or want a birds-eye view of where to focus your editing effort.

detailed review

$ 9 Per analysis
  • Your document with marked-up comments on what you can improve
  • Dashboard showing edit-by-edit what you can fix to improve it.
  • 100's of tips to improve your writing at work

In the media

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Who helped us get started?

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