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Current positions

Senior C# web application developer

  • Enterprise productivity focus
  • Hands-on role for experienced full-stack developer interested in product development
  • Working with a small, proven non-technical team

Credosity ( is a web-based business-writing application. People can upload their written work (e.g. board reports, tender responses, proposal copy, etc.) and get instant feedback on where they can improve. It’s based on our 15+ years in the corporate training space, niched on business-writing (over at We’re a proven, non-technical team with a passion for measurable behavioural change.

This role involves building on the existing foundation of great work and taking it to the next level. You’ll be a team of one (yep, if you don’t enjoy autonomy and accountability this isn’t for you) supported by the business leaders and our current tech lead as needed. If you were considering your own startup but need a business team to round out your tech skill it’s worth applying. You’ll begin by focusing on continual improvement of the current tool then transition into pro-active development as you become more familiar with the code base and business goals.

Credosity ( is a live, running single-page application built with the latest cloud technology: Vue.js, ASP.NET Core 2, Azure DevOps and Azure App Services (and other Azure tools).

If you’re not already one, this job will transform you into an experienced Senior Full Stack Developer.

Your current skills (2-3 years experience minimum):

  • C# ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core in Visual Studio 2017
  • Azure Devops or Git experience
  • NuGet: and using open source libraries
  • some HTML/CSS
  • some Javascript/Typescript experience
  • some SQL Server experience

Where you’ll be keen to expand your skills next:

  • taking business requirements and building adaptable, maintainable systems
  • implementing a simple subscription model and payment system
  • Natural Language Processing and AI
  • Full Devops workflow
  • Single page application development (Vue.js or similar)
  • application and systems architecture

This is a great role for you if you:

  • Like the enterprise market and the bottom-up sales model where the workers become the decision-makers
  • Are a curious self-starter with a strong knowledge of the latest web-based technologies – and keen to go deeper
  • Have a disciplined, ‘build to last’ approach to your work.

Your mindset
Your attitude (to life and work) is critical. You’re creative, flexible, persistent, smart and caring. We believe this is the type of team that builds world-class products. You’ll be able to adapt to a wide range of technologies in this role and actively seek solutions. You know there is always something to learn and always someone out there who can help.

Office and culture
We have no ping pong tables, mega-perks or fancy offices. We don’t mind what you wear to work, where you work from, the hours of the day you like to work or what timezone you’re in. We do care that you’re engaged, resourceful, accountable, healthy and enjoy being a contribution (to the team and the global workforce who need our products). We believe that hard, smart work and being nice wins at every turn.  

Role structure
Up to 16 hours per week (hourly rate) transitioning to full-time within six months. This is a flexible role you’ll work around an existing full-time role or freelance work initially.

Monthly software, internet, mobile phone and laptop allowance.

We’re based in Sydney but you don’t need to be.

To apply:
Please send a one-page summary of why this is for you plus a list of link/s to relevant pages (e.g. Linkedin or other) where your background and/or work is profiled.

Send to by 17 February 2019

Communication Trainer

Can you write and talk?
Exceptional business-writing trainer wanted

  • Well-paid contract role in your area, if you’re close to a major city
  • Up to 3 courses per week, depending on client demand
  • Must have deep knowledge of business writing, communication and be an excellent trainer.
Is this your story?

You have:

  • Passion for writing, teaching and leaving a legacy
  • University qualifications in communications, media, PR or copywriting (or equivalent)
  • 5+ years experience as a corporate writer, copywriter or journalist
  • 3+ years experience as a trainer, educator or coach
  • The credibility and ability to work with senior blue-chip clients.
Be part of our story!

You’re rare: You’re a strong writer, and a great trainer.

Most people are one or the other. But you can do both. Ridiculously well.

Is this your golden opportunity to combine the two things you excel at? And improve the world by improving business communication?

One of Australasia’s most in-demand communication-training companies needs another trainer. If you love writing – especially copywriting – and you love teaching, this could be your ‘sliding doors’ moment.

Our clients are top corporates with high standards and expectations. Almost all our work comes from repeat business and referrals. That means every course you run must be the best course you’ve ever run.

That won’t faze you, though. You have guts, and are up for a challenge.

Dashes & slashes?

At first, people think business writing is dry. But you know better: It’s not about dashes and slashes, but about psychology.

Great business communication is about attention, comprehension and retention. You know that deep in your bones. And the fire deep in your belly makes you want to share it.

Don’t get me wrong: What you don’t know about the technicalities of writing could be written on an apostrophe. But you also understand that quality communication depends more on empathy, influence and leadership.

Cue: YOU

Are you this exceptional communicator? Is this your chance to step up?

Location: Your major city.

Our expansion is a work in progress, but ideally we’d like to have trainers spread far and wide, not clustered together in one area. That means less travel, and more home time for you!

Questions answered

  • All training is delivered at clients’ offices so you’ll enjoy a mix of working in boardrooms and from your home (or your fave beach cafe). Course loads fluctuate, but ideally you’d run 1-2 per week, 3 at a push.
  • We may be able to give you additional freelance copywriting work to supplement your training work.
  • We might need you to travel occasionally.
  • We’ll take care of the logistics and admin, so you can focus just on delivering great training and exceeding client expectations.
  • We love to look after our people — we’ll reward you for repeat sales and winning new business.
  • This is a genuinely flexible and autonomous role. Work/life balance is important; we’ll do our best to fit in with your life outside work.
  • Our established, regular clientele and world-class training materials means you’ll be working with great clients and systems from the start.
Now for the ‘writing’ bit: How to apply
  1. Write a one-page A4 letter highlighting your key attributes for success in this role. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile, or add a one-page CV.
  2. Email it to with the subject header, ‘Magneto trainer application — I’m awesome’.
  3. We’ll be in touch to let you know next steps.
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