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Shorter sessions to inspire change

Keynotes, conferences, seminars, webinars

Sometimes a shorter session for a larger group is what you need to inspire change and get everyone ‘on the same page.’ We can tailor a range of sessions to your audience, whatever your goals or industry. These sessions are for any number of people.

Duration: 30-120 minutes. You choose what suits.

Some are also available as recorded, self-paced sessions here:

Ideas to spark change

Unbored: Board Papers Reimagined

Writing for strategic decision-making

No matter how good you are at your job, if you can't get your board to approve your papers and projects, you're sunk. Here’s how to write board papers, business cases and proposals that make it easier for decision-makers to approve your initiatives.

The Influential Communicator

Get buy-in from key decision-makers

'The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority' [Ken Blanchard]. Without trust, there’s no influence. Yet many people – and companies – are blind to how they regularly diminish trust in others. And don’t know how to purposefully build it. We’ll explore the four elements of trust and their link to effective communication in writing, presentations, pitches and meetings.

Writing for Influence

Applying the new science of persuasion at work

The more ‘yeses’ you get, the more effective and successful you are. So it’s good to know persuasion isn’t just an art; it’s a science too. Learn the science, apply the principles, and you’ll be more influential. Period. This is a crash course in psychology and leadership, applied to writing.

10 Commandments of Business Writing

The Holy Grail of clear communication

No stone tablets. Just 10 insights to supercharge your writing at work. Blind spots in your communication style can kill your reputation and productivity. Get fewer, and slower, replies, and you'll get a lot less done. These 10 classics will turn that around and rewrite your productivity.

Presenting with Impact

Stand & deliver

Dodge MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over). Whether pitching an idea, reporting updates, or sharing information, being able to present well is half the battle. This short session will share practical tips, techniques and insights to becoming an engaging, interactive presenter.

Pitching on Paper

Hike your proposal ‘hit’ rate

If you can’t sell yourself in writing, kiss new business goodbye. A poorly-written proposal, RFP or tender will relegate you to the ‘also-rans’ pile. But a truly compelling one can sell you before they even see you. Learn the unexpected science to selling yourself on paper.

Tame the Email Beast

Get opened, get actioned, get control

Far from enhancing productivity, half your day can easily slip down your inbox’s throat! Email should make you more productive, not less. This practical session reveals a copywriter's insights into writing more effective, more persuasive emails. Learn how to write emails that engage people, build relationships and help you get more done.


How to cut it at work

Ever suffered from a rambling report, engorged email or bloated briefing? When writing at work, brevity = impact. We’ll cover our five RAZOR principles of brevity at work. They’ll help you cut the waffle, leaving only the cream. Your messages will be easier to read and act on, which means productivity for you and your business.

CPR for PowerPoint

Revive your presentations

Do your PowerPoint decks get the response you'd like? Make sure they're awesome, not awful. Not only do senior managers judge you by them, but they're often the gateway to your projects going ahead or winning new business. We’ll show you how to revive yours with CPR (Clear, Persuasive, Response-generating).

Job Ads that Win the Talent War

Hook the best candidates

You’re in a talent war. Not a ‘talent tussle’ – a war. That means pulling out all stops if you’re serious about attracting high-calibre employees. The right message in your ads can have the best candidates knocking on your door first. Test these tips in battle and enjoy the spoils!

Recent presentations

  • AHRI conference, Adelaide (‘Bull Fighting at Work: How Bad Writing is Choking Your Company [& How to Fix It]) 
  • IABC NSW SPARK event (‘Writing for Influence: Persuasion Science for Professional Communicators’)
  • CPA Congress, Sydney (‘Writing Sweetly for the C-Suite’)
  • Helloworld conference (‘The Perfect Pitch’)
  • CEO Institute, Sydney (‘Influential Writing for Leaders’)
  • CPA Women in Business
  • Business Chicks presentations, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth (‘Writing to Influence’)
  • Professional Speakers Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
  • Quay Appointments
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