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Meet CYBA: The Credosity Bulk Analyser

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Bulk Analyser X-rays hundreds of documents at once

What if you could generate a spreadsheet summarising the readability, professionalism and diversity/inclusion issues in hundreds of documents at once?

Now you can! Well, specifically, we can, but we can do it for you. (We plan to make it a public tool eventually.)

It’s invaluable for helping us tailor our writing courses to each group’s needs. In one glance, we can see the worst issues the group’s writing samples have, and tailor the training to suit.

This screenshot shows part of the report:

CYBA Bulk Analyser screenshot
Bulk Analyser screenshot of spreadsheet report


Here’s a sample report (.xlsx) you can download and play with: Credosity Bulk Analysis – anonymous.

It’s a powerful tool for:

  • Businesses to track the quality of critical documents like board papers, customer communication, proposals, bids and tenders
  • Journalists to analyse and compare writing in government, different industries, or other media outlets
  • University lecturers and school teachers to instantly measure the writing quality of a whole cohort, e.g. a class, year or whole department.

Trump vs. Clinton

It’s a Write-Off! Trump vs. Clinton

Just for fun: How did Trump’s speeches compare to Clinton’s in terms of diversity and inclusion? Or readability? Or professionalism?

Wonder no more! These two CYBA reports (.xlsx) tell the story:

Credosity Bulk Analysis – Donald Trump speeches 2016

Credosity Bulk Analysis – Hillary Clinton speeches 2016

Key takeouts

Cred scores

Trump: 61.4%
Clinton: 62%

(Surprisingly low, given these were probably written by pro speechwriters.)


Total diversity/inclusion issues

Trump: 19
Clinton: 19

(Shock! They’re as bad as each other.)


Plain-English issues (average per speech)

Trump: 105
Clinton: 64

(Tsk, tsk, Donald. Speak plain English.)


Average reading-grade level 

Trump: 7.2
Clinton: 7.3

(Most adults read at about grade-7 level, so these are perfect for speeches.)


Longest sentence 

Trump: 60 words
Clinton: 65 words

(The ideal average sentence length for readability is 16 words/sentence. Whatever was in those long sentences was almost certainly missed by their audiences. )


Who won?

I was surprised at the similarity of Trump and Clinton’s speeches. I put it down to their speeches being almost certainly written by professional speechwriters.

And if that’s the case, Cred scores in the low 60s is an indictment of those pros! They should do better than that, especially in speeches, which must be as easy as possible on the ear.

To be honest, though, we see this all the time. Most people’s writing is much worse than they think. Psychologists call it Excessive Self-Regard Tendency.

Politicians thinking they’re better than they are? Never!


Suggest an analysis!

What would you like us to analyse next?

How one bank’s writing compares to another? Or how the writing in different industries compares? Let us know in the comments below.

This should be fun (and a bit controversial)!



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