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NEW from Credosity: Free writing analysis (your ‘report card’!)

Download your free writing analysis as a PDF

How to get your free writing analysis

Like some free writing analysis?

If you’re writing important emails and documents at work you can now get instant feedback on your writing. Built by experienced enterprise writers, this powerful tool reveals your blind spots and sharpens your message.

Try it now:

  1. Upload any text or document to
  2. Click on ‘Download PDF report’ for your personalised results. Target a Cred Score of 90% or more.

Here’s how your free writing analysis looks:

PDF report showing free writing analysis

Worried about confidentiality?

Don’t be. Credosity is enterprise-grade secure and built on Microsoft Azure in Australia. We can’t see, and don’t keep, what you’ve written. Once your analysis is done, your text or document vaporises from our server.

How should you use it?

It’s handy if you want to see what you can improve OR if you’re coaching others to improve.

Our trainees use it before courses to get a ‘heads up’ on their major issues before coming to our training. (Handy for revealing the blind spots most people have when it comes to their writing.)

Attention pro writers!

This is a great free tool to prove to your clients you’ve added value to their text:

  1. Upload their ‘before’ text to and generate a ‘before’ report.
  2. Work your magic on their text (use Credosity to improve/check it, too — much easier in the installed desktop version).
  3. Upload your ‘after’ text to Credosity and generate an ‘after’ report.
  4. Show your client both. Point out, for example, the change in the reading-grade level. (Hopefully you’ve improved it!)


Writing training

Planning your 2018 L&D programs?

KPMG quote: 'The courses Paul delivered ... were absolutely outstanding. I have honestly never seen such positive feedback. The team talked very positively about the course for weeks afterwards, and their course books are still open on their desks for reference.'

Better comms skills can make a huge huge difference to productivity.

How would better communication skills boost your business? Take a look at two of our most popular one-day courses:

'Get it Write' course and 'Write for Influence' course

See course outlines here.

Both courses are available:

  • In-house, face-to-face
  • Live online, just for your company (good for remote or global teams).

‘Get it Write’ is also available as self-paced video training.

Like to discuss your options? Get in touch.



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