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Six ways to embed the learning

Post-training, your people will be inspired. But if you don’t embed the learning, this will eventually fade. In fact, research shows people can forget up to 90 percent of new information within just 30 days!

Like better ROI (return on investment) on your training? Here are six ways to embed the learning, and change their communication habits (and reviewers’ lives) permanently:

  1. Get Credosity.

    Our real-time writing coach helps attendees back at their desk. No software install needed. You can upload a document or paste text to get instant feedback.  Download a PDF summary report OR a version with marked-up comments, and click through the dials to see your issues. The PDF summary report is particularly good if you’re coaching others to improve.

    Credosity will dramatically accelerate the time it takes to turn an ‘average’ document into a high-quality one. Credosity also teaches the same principles from our training, so it’s an excellent way to embed the learning for all attendees (although you don’t need to have done the training to use it).

  2. Get presenting.

    Have trainees present course highlights to their managers: In the next week, consider asking attendees to present to their manager their most valuable course ‘take-aways.’

    Two benefits of this:
    a.  It helps managers coach them later when giving feedback on their writing. It’s a shame when ‘un-enlightened’ managers reject best-practice techniques their team has learned.
    b.  Having to explain the content to someone else helps them remember more – the ‘teacher’ learns the most.

  3. Get sharing.

    Consider asking attendees to start collecting best-practice examples of the sort of writing they do regularly. They could even submit them to their manager, with the best going on a ‘Wall of Fame’ or in an intranet folder your people can browse for inspiration and ideas.

  4. Get refreshed.

    Another study found that, a year after training, trainees forgot over 90 percent of what they learned. ‘Refresher’ training was cited as a key way to avoid this. We offer a series of short, on-demand sessions here. Why not run your own Lunch ‘n’ Learn for your team? We’ll even give you a free-access pass to do it – just ask us.

  5. Get competitive.

    See who in your team scores the highest in this fun online game.

  6. Get inspired.

    Help yourself to any of the free resources available on our INSPIRATION page. Send one to your team each quarter as a quick refocus.

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